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To popularize structural biology tools and empower drug discovery with AI.

Our Team

Ponni Rajagopal, Ph.D.

Ponni Rajagopal has 20-plus years experience in NMR spectroscopy and biophysical studies of proteins. She has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of WA, Seattle. Prior to founding NstructuredesignS, Ponni worked as a Senior Scientist at the University of Washington. 
Scott has joined the NstructuredesignS Team bringing additional expertise in quantitative analysis and interpretation of NMR data. Scott has been immersed in the BioNMR world since starting his PhD at the University of Connecticut Health Center (UCONN Health). Early on, with some frustration, but later with great fascination, Scott learnt that biomolecular systems are intrinsically mobile, and the details of this dynamic nature are essential for understanding function. ‘Proteins are not rocks!’ quickly became his motto.
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